Strategic Objective: Secure significant reduction of violent conflict in ASALs.


  1.  Ensure inclusion and participation of ASAL-dwelling communities in local and national decision making
  2. Make relevant linkages in policy development and practice between customary and modern governance systems
  3. Promote affirmative action and equitable allocation of national resources for development of ASALs
  4.  Ensure equitable access to environmental and natural resources
  5. Mainstream peace and security challenges in the ASAL areas into broader national, regional and global development agenda
  6. Support research and human capital development for peace and good governance 
  7. Build local, national and regional capacities for conflict resolution, mediation mechanisms, peace building and effective ASALs resource utilisation.
  8. Ensure equitable gender involvement and participation in conflict prevention, resolution and peace building
  9. Mainstream and support gender equality and human rights-based approach in livelihoods support and access basic social services
  10. Strengthen IGAD and Member State institutions that work to prevent, manage and resolve violent conflict.