As part of the IDDRSI 1st and 2nd Steering Committee Meetings, recommendations by Member States were made to enhance knowledge sharing and monitoring capacities relative to drought disaster resilience. Developing a unified Knowledge Management System and Monitoring and Evaluation tools were key requirements identified for the IGAD region. Based on the above recommendations, a pilot project aimed at developing a data management, analysis and visualization tool for Ethiopia and South Sudan. This project led by the IDDRSI Platform Coordination Unit and Project Preparation and Monitoring Unit (PCU and PPMU) resulted in the development of the IGAD Info monitoring system. The objective was to have a monitoring tool offering data covering all of IDDRSI Priority Intervention Areas.   IGAD Info is now available as a desktop tool and can be accessible on the web at http://www.devinfo.org/igadinfo/. As a monitoring system, it is currently being piloted and adjusted to serve as a tool to monitor the impact of resilience initiatives taking place in pastoral areas. 

The pilot phase is now reaching its final stages. To help identify its potential for users and what might be needed next, it has also involved a training of IDDRSI experts. Consequently, a capacity building on IGAD Info was conducted in Addis Ababa, August 25-29, 2014. The training was aimed at both Ethiopian Government and IGAD officers involved in IDDRSI implementation. It was an opportunity to introduce the tool to 24 experts from various IDDRSI sectors such as agriculture, water, energy, disaster risk reduction or conflict prevention. The importance of covering those broad thematic areas was also to invite experts to look at IDDRSI in a systemic approach.

 In addition to presenting the tool to various sector experts, the training was beneficial in identifying opportunities for collaboration with the Central Statistics Agency. During this event, a CSA expert conducted a presentation on the use of a similar technology in Ethiopia called Ethioinfo and opportunities to offer technical services to develop the tool nationally and enrich existing indicators.

The PCU with close coordination of the MS will now look at further deployment of this tool to help respond to upcoming monitoring needs for IDDRSI projects and programmes implemented in all IGAD region.



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