Following the development of the resilience investment map for Kenya, IGAD Knowledge Management team is extending the development of this programming and monitoring tool to other IGAD member states. The meeting in Ethiopia will aim at gathering requirement and priorities from the Ethiopian Government and partners working on IDDRSI, to help put in place the “ Who is doing What and Where (3W) resilience investment map.

This tool comes as a response to previous Steering Committee meeting in Djibouti and Uganda, Kampala where recommendations have been made to harmonize Database Systems and tools for enhanced information sharing and decision making in terms of Drought Disaster Resilience.

This tool will help visualize all drought related to projects on a user friendly platform and let accessible to the wider audience through the web.



Why a “who is doing what and where” 3W MAP?

Drought resilience requires a holistic and multi – sect oral development approach. The “Who is doing what and where “3W map gives  decision makers and concerned managers an easy platform for resilience monitoring and planning. This planning becomes possible by using a web based map to know:

Who is involved? What is being implemented? And where are investments taking place?


Who is involved? Identifying partners with interests in investing in a region is important. It can be important to help identify opportunities for mutual cooperation. It is also very helpful as it allows for capturing and leveraging successful experience developed by implementing government bodies and non- government organizations.


 What is being implemented? what are the activities being implemented by other sectors and partners ?  What has been achieved until now in terms of the identified resilience objective?