This page serves as a depository for data and information on gender equality and women’s empowerment within the context of resilience building and management in the IGAD region. The section provides a range of tools and resources that are critical for strengthening gender mainstreaming in IDDRSI at regional, national and sub-national levels.  Information available in this section includes:

  • Tool kits for gender mainstreaming in IDDRSI PIAs 
  • Best practices and relevant research findings
  • Relevant gender training materials
  • Guidelines on gender-sensitive indicators and data collection
  • Sex-disaggregated quantitative and qualitative data
  • Relevant policy briefs and issues papers
  • Relevant policies and action plans (global, regional and national)
  • A community of practice on gender mainstreaming in IDDRSI
  • Relevant IEC materials on gender equality and women’s empowerment

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (Action Plan-ENGLISH.pdf)Regional Action Plan (English)Regional Action Plan for Implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolutions 1325 (2000) and 1820 (2008)4968 kB
Download this file (Action Plan-FRENCH.pdf)Plan d’action Régional (French)Plan d’action Régional de L’IGAD pour la Mise en Oeuvre des Résolutions 1325 et 1820 du Conseil de Sécurité des Nations Unies1938 kB
Download this file (Final Conference Resolutions.pdf)Final Conference ResolutionsFinal Conference Resolutions179 kB
Download this file (Gender in Agriculture Sourcebook.pdf)Publication_Gender in AgriculturePublication_Gender in Agriculture5683 kB
Download this file (Gender_Issues_in_Monitoring_and_Evaluating_Agriculture_web (3).pdf)Publication_Gender Issues in M&EPublication_Gender Issues in M&E1633 kB
Download this file (Strategy-ENGLISH.pdf)Regional Strategy (English)Regional Strategy for Higher Representation of Women in Decision Making Positions1535 kB
Download this file (Strategy-FRENCH.pdf)Stratégie Régionale (French)Stratégie Régionale pour Une plus Grande Représentation Des Femmes à des Postes de Decision3281 kB
Download this file (The  Addis Ababa Declaration - IGAD Women Parliamentary Conference.pdf)The Addis Ababa Declaration - IGAD Women Parliamentary ConferenceThe Addis Ababa Declaration - IGAD Women Parliamentary Conference137 kB